Monday, December 3, 2007

Annual Christmas Party with Chinese Pollyanna

Yesterday was our annual Christmas Party at Mom Mom Janes. Many families and kids come and we have a chinese pollyanna which is alot of fun.

For anyone who does not know what a chinese pollyanna is I'll briefly explain. Everyone brings a $5 gift wrapped up and receives a numbered ticket when they come in the door. The numbers are called out and if it is your number you can pick an unopened gift or you can choose to take a gift from someone who already opened a gift. So for example if my number was called and I picked an unopened gift and it was $5 of lottery tickets than someone who comes after me has the option of taking my gift from me and then I repick a gift or take one from someone else. Once a gift has been taken twice than the gift is no longer available to be taken. It's alot of fun. The kids love it.

Here is a slideshow of the party. This also includes my family taken turns getting our picture taken with our nephew Luke.


N said...

Dear Steve,

I'm a 19 year old girl from Belgium and I study audiology.
For Pathology I have to make a presentation about the Goldenhar syndrome and I was wondering if you would give me the permission to use your pictures in my class (+- 25 students). You can contact me on



Anonymous said...

Dear Steve, your story is so such a big inspiration and hope for me:) I m a woman with hemifacial microsomia , and now I will starting my own battle about reconstructing my face... I would wish you and your familly lots of happyness!!! p.s. sorry for my bad english :( greetings, Jola